About Shokooh Foundation

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for needy children of the World, from toddlers to college students.

Our Value is to identify and evaluate activities of potential operating charitable organizations with similar missions and have demonstrated successful records of enhancing children’s welfare globally.    Our focus is to support and oversee projects that utilize local volunteers with minimum operational overhead.

Our Goal is to create and maintain sustainable programs to break the cycle of poverty and create joyful and hopeful life for children of all ages. We strive to reach out to the most vulnerable children around the World by providing:

  • Humanitarian support – food, shelter, safety, etc.
  • Clean water
  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Health care and medical staff
  • Educational support
  • Local community centers

Our Overhead Cost is ZERO, for salaries and operations

Positive Thoughts

We aspire to be like helpers. So we serve all people. No matter their religion, ethnicity, or gender.

Heartful Help

Going after poverty’s symptoms is temporary. Going after its causes is permanent for everyone.

Spread To Everyone

In an effort to ensure volunteering at Foundation events is fulfilling experience for you.

Shokooh Foundation has been funding programs that exclusively focus on a different range of children’s issues, including health, education, safety, and human rights.

Shokooh Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization with tax ID:


For those helpless children and people who need it every minute.